3 Simple Beauty DIY’s | Coconut Oil

ccoonut oil

Coconut Oil! It’s been around for sometime now and the rave is still going about all the benefits of using this oil in your everyday health and beauty routine. 

Coconut Oil has amazing beauty benefits as it moisturizes the skin and hair, it stimulates hair growth and helps with premature aging. I love to use this oil in a lot of my DIY Home remedies, so I created a video on my 3 favourite DIY’s using Coconut Oil. 

Check it out & let me know which one you want to try! 

3 Simple Beauty DIY’s Using Coconut Oil

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5 Essential Beauty Products | Must Haves

5 Essential Beauty Products | Must Haves

Hey Guys! Check out the New YouTube Video on 5 Essential Beauty Products | Must Haves. These products are honestly tried and true, I have been repurchasing them for quiet sometime now & thought I would share it.

Let me know what you think about the video as well, would love to get some feedback. Also, if you are on YouTube, comment with your channel name so I can check out your channel as well.

Thank you so much 🙂 

—-> 5 Essential Beauty Products | Must Haves

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Sacha Metallic Lip Velvets Swatches | Bacchanalist | Ova Do It | Like Ah Single | Wine Up

So I currently have a giveaway for two of the Sacha Cosmetics Metallic Lip Velvets on my blog (check it out and enter 😊), but I need to give my opinion on them overall and off course include some swatches.

The shades are so on point, what better arrangement of colours to bring out a month before carnival. What I have to address is the formula, the swatches featured below are literally from ONE swatch!!! It was so creamy and velvety and applied with NO problem.

I know a lot of people had complaints about the formulas switching from other Lip Velvets but I think Sacha Cosmetics have gotten their formula down this time with these Metallics.

What do you think?

2016 Motivation | Your Best Year Yet

A new year is here, yay to 2016, along with the new year is lots of New goals we wish to accomplish, it’s a time that we like to reflect and set new goals, strides and milestones whether in our career, school, family-life or our personal self. Here are some ways to start 2016 right!

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