Sacha Intense Matte Lip Velvet | Im In The Nude



Sacha Cosmetics is at it again! This time with a beautiful collection of Intense Matte Lip Velvets.

The colours are firstly amazing and are true to their shade. The variety of colours will suit all makeup lovers. However, the colours are not the reason for these beauties selling out- it’s the formulation.


Intense Matte?

You better believe it! The formulation of these intense matte lipsticks can be considered supreme for the price & are comparable to higher end matte glosses.

I didn’t think these Intense Matte Lip Velvets would be so remarkable but, they are truely a must buy product. With all the craze about Matte lips, this product is a must buy.



The colour is pigmented so just fill in your lips and there will be colour payoff, the colour dries within a minute or so and Does Not dry out your lips. Trust me here! It’s not like other matte lipsticks or glosses thats going to make your lips feel like sandpaper. It will set beautifully on your lips for hours.



Off course, I picked up a nude colour. I love the colour, it’s a darker nude that is suitable for darker skin tones or a darker nude lip colour. In the swatch above, it looks like a “clay” colour upon application but dries to a dark nude with a deep redish undertone.


Touch ups may need to be done after several hours of wear, but you will get a good 3-5 hour wear before you need to consider touch ups. Additionally, there is little transfer with these lipsticks.

Overall šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

I can’t stop raving! Truely a hit out of the park. Check them out yourself at any Pennywise or Sacha Cosmetics Store.

Price- $46tt

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