2016 Motivation | Your Best Year Yet

A new year is here, yay to 2016, along with the new year is lots of New goals we wish to accomplish, it’s a time that we like to reflect and set new goals, strides and milestones whether in our career, school, family-life or our personal self. Here are some ways to start 2016 right!



Surround Yourself With Positiveness

Think positive and surround yourself with images, quotes and people reflecting this same mentality. Try finding quotes or images that you like, print them out and display them around your house, bedroom, study space or office. This is going to up lift your mood and keep you going throughout the year.





Plan “Me” Time

Set a particular time every day or week for “Me” Time, this time can be used for reflection, personal thoughts or doing something you love that you don’t usually get time to do. Setting time for yourself will help you to work on self-improvement.






In this fast moving technology driven age, we become so absorbed in our work, lives and phones that we don’t spend as much time as we should with the people we love and doing the things we love. So plan! Get a calendar and schedule times that you can spend ample time with friends, family and be away from all the technology.




Help Others


Try making charity a regular part of your life. It feels so good to do for others whether it’s donating food items, clothes, helping someone in need or motivating someone to achieve a particular goal. It’s important to remember the bigger picture, getting into the habit of helping others will help keep you on track and reminds us of our real purpose.







Whilst there is always room for improvement at work, home, school and life in general. I believe it all stems from within, working to improve oneself is excellent and will help improve all other areas in life. We are our worst critics and it’s great to work on ourselves and improve for the better.



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