Meet the Makeup Artist: Leah Armstrong

Leah Armstrong has been a Professional makeup artist for 3 years, her works include bold, versatile looks with exotic and unique flares, attention to details, pops of colour and creating a radiant glow are all part of Leah’s unique talent as a Makeup Artist.

Coming from the rural community of Rio Claro, Leah makes it her duty to travel throughout Trinidad to meet & work with her clients. Her passion and love for being a makeup artist came from seeing women transform in front of her eyes and helping them accept the beauty within themselves.

The combination of love, creativity, work and success blended into one ultimate passion for Leah, Makeup Artistry.

(All images featured on this post are of Leah Armstrong’s Work)

leah armstrong carnival 2016

(Photographer: Theon Graham)



1. How long have you been a makeup artist?

This Year Three Years Professionally pursuing a career and a passion.Still won’t consider myself fully until I’m well rounded in different aspects in the industry .

2. Are you self taught or learned from a professional?

Self taught from practice ,practice practice is key ! Learn something until it becomes a habit and a part of you.

3. Why did you become a Makeup Artist?


(Photograph: Lem Joseph)

I Found a passion and love for helping women accept a beauty within them, seeing women transform in front of me and with the skills of my hands help enhance their features. I saw a way where love, creativity and work and becoming successful could be meshed into one, I felt a love like a first true love and I knew I had to chase it.

4. Favourite Makeup Brands?


I cannot say I have one particular favourite because I use various brands for particular purposes and with the ever releasing beauty products every month you can have a new favourite. I can however say that I have a favourite from each and every brand even the china brands.

5. What are some of your must have products?


(Photograph: Eustacedyer)

To ensure I have that beautiful face makeup primers, eyebrow gels and pencils, gel liners, lipsticks. In the beginning colourful eyeshadows were the thing now lippies and my ultimate favourite is highlighter for the inner glow as we say #glowlife, I just love the look of a woman having that glow in the right areas.

Some of my favs are MAC Skin finishes. Bronzers ,Glow powders and pigments does the trick as well.

6. What tips do you have for the everyday woman when it comes to applying makeup?


⇒Always moisturize before you start the application process. Healthy skin=flawless skin.

⇒Sculpted brows can make your entire face come alive.


(Lem Jose Photography)

⇒The right lipstick can brighten any day and mood.


(John Tilokee Photography)

⇒When you face is looking tired avoid matte and dark lipsticks as they can give a strong, harsh look on the face.

⇒Add some gloss to the lips on mature faces to give a soft subtle effect especially if rest of face is matte/flat.

⇒When you think you’ve blended enough blend once more.

⇒Apply Shimmer/lighter colour to the tear duct to give a brightened eye area effect especially those with dark circles or when doing heavy eyeliner or Smokey eyes.


7. What has been your most memorable experience so far as a MUA? Have you had any Memorable clients?

All my clients are memorable in their own way but the most are when they finally see themselves in the mirror and they cant stop smiling or looking at themselves. That moment and they hug you for making them feel so beautiful and fall in love with the skin there in love parts of their faces they never thought they could.

8. What plans do you have for the future?


To be specialised in Bridal Makeup the leading bridal and wedding makeup artist is Trinidad and Tobago and the region. To open my own studio and makeup store specialised in skin care , facial and waxing. To be a certified Aesthetician

9. What is your trademark/ specialty?


Since the beginning my goal is ‘Bringing inner beauty forward’ and its what my logo symbolises the face with the butterfly each individual has that butterfly inside of them waiting to be set free and soar. I bring that inner beauty outward. I strive for the natural finish, masking ones insecurities and making flawless canvases, while accentuating each person natural favourite features. Each part of their face that is unique their eye shape their lips, use big eyes or big lips used to their advantage helping them to accept these features . I speak with women on how beautiful their skin is , the colour the complexion. From the palest to the most dark chocolate skin accepting and appreciating themselves.

leah armstrong 1

Anthony J Photography

10. How would you define your makeup style?

Bold yet elegant with a touch of the classic style. I represent different styles for each individual, my ultimate style is just versatile.


Anthony J Photography

11. Personal Question: Neutrals or Bold Colours?

Bold , my personal statement ‘Why Fit in when you were born to stand out’ believe we are already naturally beautiful so why not have fun with makeup , rainbow eyes, smoke on the eyes , sexy Arabic eyes , bold lip colours all washes off anyway!!


12. Do you think there are a lot of opportunities for MUA’s in Trinidad & Tobago?

Yes most definitely makeup is becoming more and more popular with the ever changing and evolving of Trinidad & Tobago there are more opportunities through Carnival ,women exploring, trends, and the growing fashion and beauty industry MUA’s are becoming more and more essential to every aspect where there are faces and publicity.

13. What would you like to see improve/happen for MUA’s in Trinidad & Tobago?

The community needs to have more of supportive system. I would love to see an association for makeup artist and beauty industry specialist. More networking events and most importantly would love to see an improvement of respect for our industry and stop the undervaluing of us.

14. Who’s your Favourite MUA/ Makeup Youtuber?

Many Favourites: MUA’s I appreciate and respect all makeup artist there are so many different styles and because I aim to please all and be versatile I would have a favourite towards all for each individual style .random-wallpapers-tumblr-backgrounds-wallpaper-36963

Emmanuel Castali, Beatfacehoney, NikkieTutorials,Tymetheinfamous, Gossmakeupartist, Thatigbochic .


One on One Eyebrow and Makeup sessions available to follow and for bookings and inquiries: Contact & Whatsapp: 1868.335.7795 Makeup Artist Leah Armstrong

Instagram: Leahamua



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