Best Foundation for Oily Skin- Revlon 24hrs Colorstay

The struggle of being an oily girl is real ladies! Most of the girls here in our beautiful hot, sweaty, weather suffer from having oily skin and I mean suffer, yes! I share this struggle. In order to keep your face on point you’ve got to start at the first step- Foundation.


The best foundation for oily skin is the Revlon 24hrs Colorstay in Combination/ Oily Skin. This foundation is everythingggg! It is ideal for girls with oily skin, especially those looking for a long lasting foundation to wear for a good couple of hours, very good for 8+ hour work days. In addition, the formulation does have SPF 15 which is extremely great for us in the hot climates. Besides the plus of it working for oily skin, this foundation is a medium coverage but it does cover most problematic areas and dark marks. When applying, do sections of your face at a time because the foundation will dry and set into your face very quickly also, set with a powder as it will look greasy by itself, you can even go further to ensure greater results by pairing it with a face primer and using blotting sheets throughout the day to maintain the natural look. My shade is 400 Caramel which is kind of in the middle of the darker shades, but it does cater for all shades of skin.


  • Great Coverage, Build able
  • Flawless look
  • Does not “Cake”
  • Blends well


  • Emphasizes fine lines

What the Revlon Product Description has to say about the Revlon Colostay 24hrs Foundation:

“Longwearing coverage with Time Release Technology and a lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade, or rub off. Specifically made for combination or oily skin to control oil absorption and shine. Your look stays flawless throughout the day.”

Price at a local Pennywise: $50-$60

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